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Hummingbird is an event technology company born after asking, “Why?” and then, “Why not?”. Knowing there could be a better way, two people sat down with pen and paper and started: “What if we did…THIS?”.

After years of recognizing operational and economic inefficiencies within the live event production industry, Adriana and Brian Boring created a product that offers a stress-free environment while maintaining the highest technological standards and maximum efficiency.

Hummingbird is a turn-key solution that will save time, money and stress. No longer will the equipment show up in fifty different cases via four deliveries. Gone are the days of a messy, chaotic backstage area. Hummingbird is the new way. No more waiting. No more worrying.





work station

The Hummingbird Video+ Workstation is a pre-wired, all-in-one switching system with video playback and still asset management built-in.


The Barco E2 Video Processor is at the heart of the system, capable of handling 4K native resolutions, up to 32 inputs, up to twelve outputs and two multi-view outputs. Two Coyote Media Servers take care of video playback operation. Offering a total of eight, frame-synced 1080p feeds, the media servers cover anything from ultra widescreen to 4K.


Everything is managed by the Barco EC30 control console and a combination of Octopus and Companion software, issuing TCP/IP commands. The E2 and the Coyote Media Servers will always arrive on show site, pre-configured to the program specifics. The Workstation houses a battery backup system, full networking with wireless connectivity, a 55” 4K multi-view screen, built-in backstage audio monitors, three modular table surfaces and an ergonomic chair; all in one, easy-to-deploy case.


The remote coffeemaker is slated for a Q4 arrival. STAY TUNED.


work station

When designing and planning the Hummingbird Graphics Workstation, two specific adjectives led the charge: neat and powerful.


The Graphics Workstation contains six MacBook Pro computers, each built specifically for graphics-heavy operation thanks to their AMD Vega Pro 20 GPUs and 32GB of RAM. Each computer is configured and maintained with up-to-date versions of Keynote, PowerPoint for Mac and a PC Bootcamp partition with PowerPoint for Windows. All six are capable of sending up to two isolated, 4K resolution outputs.


The Workstation is also equipped with six sturdy USB-C docks; neatly wired and racked underneath the desk for the ideal minimalist desktop, an audio monitor and six USB audio direct boxes. (All your audio engineer needs are the XLR cables required to tap into the pre-configured system). A robust DSAN PerfectCue system allows constant control over every computer, each of which is pre-networked for quick file transfer. Three modular table surfaces and an ergonomic chair round out this stunning workstation. NEAT. POWERFUL.


Hummingbird creates a stress-free live event environment while maintaining the highest standards and maximum efficiency.

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