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Adriana has been a professional graphic designer since 2011 and has an educational background in live event management. After graduating college in six short semesters, she launched her freelance career in design and event production, working to blend her skills in both areas. Her work primarily consists of designing, revising and finalizing presentation material for high profile executives as well as managing and operating the content on site. Simple and elegant design? Flawless attention to detail? Last-minute slide changes? This is Adriana’s playground. Presenters that work with her are presenters that hit the stage with confidence, every time.

Brian began his live event career in the audio department, for major sports broadcasts in Boston, in 2001. Since then, he moved through the industry, gaining experience in both touring and one-off live events. Since 2005, Brian has specialized in large format video engineering and project management for events both domestic and international. His primary skillset is technical engineering, managing detailed projects and developing efficient workflow practices. Brian is talented, focused and handsome.

Brian also wrote this himself.

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